Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12, 2007

This has been a pretty good week! Caroline is now a wopping 10 pounds! The sleep study seems to have gone well. Wednesday we go back to UT for a NICU evaluation. We will get the final results from the sleep study and meet with some physical therapist to see if there would be any benifit to having Caroline in some speech and occupational therapy. Oh yeah, she gets to meet her Pawpaw next week and go to visit her Aunt Katy! I know she's as excited as I am. Tomrow she is having her first sleep over with her Nannie Annie. All and all a pretty good week.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of Miss Caroline with us. John and I both love this. Hope you have a great week with your family.
Love, Barbara

Eric & Katy said...

Cute Pictures. We should find a cute little pink or red jacket to go with that outfit so she can wear it all year long! Can't wait to see you guys (Uncle Eric is very excited too!)