Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey everyone. So this will be just a random post. Christy and Patty stopped by yesterday and brought some goodies for Caroline! She LOVES her tutu! My little girly girl!! Nana got to meet Elizabeth. I will have some better pictures once Patty can get her's onto her computer! Enjoy the pictures... I do!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm slacking....

On here I'm slacking, but only because I am so not slacking anywhere else in my life right now! That isn't even an option! We are having so much fun as it is getting prettier and prettier outside. Times are tough right now on everyone I know, but I have to say that I am so thankful that things are like they are. If nothing else the current economic circumstances are allowing my family to be so much closer. Casey's work eliminated the 2nd shift so for the first time in almost 5 years we are together during the week now. It has been a struggle, I'll admit, (We are having to learn how to live with each other again) but it has been so wonderful to get to spend all this time together as a family! We are getting to go to the park alot, or just go for a walk after dinner! Elizabeth is doing great. She is a whopping 10 pounds now! Quite a change after Caroline! On Carolines 1 month Dr.'s visit she weighed 4lb. 11oz.! Elizabeth was 9lb. 13oz.! Caroline continues to amaze us every single day. She is so full of life, joy, and excitement! Her little imagination...well the only thing little about it is the head that it is in! She is loving playing mommy to her baby dolls, and plays with her animals all day long! When I was feeding Elizabeth the other day she looked around at all of the "tummy time" toys and arranged them to make her self and obstacle course! I wish that I could have gotten to the camera! She had to jump over the raised mirror of the jungle mat, craw under the butterfly canopy, the she moved the barn yard to the end of the mat to jump over that, then she had to run around the baby bath tub as fast as she could, back to the beginning and applaud herself for a job well done! I love her so much! I never could have imagined that any one could love this much! I can't wait till both of them are playing with the obstacle courses and racing each other... I don't think that life could get much better. At the rate that Elizabeth is going it wont be long till their race either! She is already pushing herself up, scooting (when she's mad) and she's been caught rolling over a couple of times! Well as you can see we are having a blast! I am having fun getting Caroline out we've gone to the park, the mall, gymnastics... this week we're trying the zoo, and who knows what else! We love you all!! Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, April 13, 2009


First of all we hope that every one had a wonderful and blessed Easter! Casey and I were fortunate enough to see God working in some amazing ways! Our church met at The Civic Coliseum and we had around 6,000 in attendance. To be with that many people praising and worshiping God was truly amazing and wonderful. Can you believe that Elizabeth will be 1 month old this week?! I sure can't. I am very glad that I figured out how to do the slide show, there are ton's of pictures this week and there is now way that I could have posted them all one by one! Elizabeth finally got to have her first bath this week. I expected it to be alot worse than it was, she actually didn't mind that much! The weather got pretty again so Caroline has been able to play outside quite a bit. She is defiantly an out doors kind of girl, and it turns out so is Elizabeth. Elizabeth just loved being so warm. Caroline got to go to her cousin Courtney's birthday party at Uncle Davids house. She fit right in with the "big girls"! She was dancing with them and having a great time. She was friends with anyone and everyone who had a few bites to share off of their plate. Easter was wonderful! The girls spent the night with Nannie Annie and Papaw Steve. After church we went and picked them up to go to Nana Barbara's and Papaw John's. Caroline got to spend the afternoon playing with bubbles, and hunting eggs with her cousins. We couldn't believe what a great job she did finding eggs, she didn't need us one bit! She is such a big girl now *sigh*. Elizabeth will have her 1 month check up this week, I am dying to see how much she has grown! I'll have an update for everyone next week! Love you all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 weeks

Hi everyone, I hope that you all are having a great week! We are doing pretty good. Until last night Elizabeth has been sleeping 7 hour stretches through the night! Caroline has been wonderful to her. Caroline is trying to talk so hard... she blabbers on all day, and we can make out a few words. I'm sure that she'll wake up one morning and have a full vocabulary! She can even say Elizabeth already! I did the pictures different this week, it takes such a long time to upload pictures one at a time onto this site, this was much faster! Have a happy Easter everyone!

Love you all,

Casey, Sherri, Caroline, and Elizabeth