Sunday, October 7, 2007

For all of our family and friends!

So, as you can imagine, my time on the computer has become slightly limited! I want everyone to know what is going on with Miss Caroline, and see her too, but I just don't have the time to e-mail everyone as much as I want to. I think that this might just be the solution to the problem. Once a week, I will update this site with new pictures and let you know how Caroline is doing. I hope that everyone enjoys this!

This has been a pretty big week for Caroline. Friday night we started cereal! She gets one bowl a night, and we don't have to get up every 3 hours now!!!! She also went to her first movie. She did so good, granted she slept the whole time! We also got to spend Saturday up in the mountains with Caseys Dad and Barbara. Oh yeah Uncle Drew too!

We've got a busy week this week. We start her RSV immunization on Tuesday. As greatful as I am that she qualified for the RSV shot, I'm not excited about the shot itself!!!!! Thursday, we have her sleep study on Thursday, and if everything goes well... NO MORE MONITOR!!!!!

I'll have an update for everyone next week.... till then, Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Sherri!!! She is beautiful - must be the "Bolt" in her! That's what Grandma Pruitt says everytime a baby/grandchild is pretty!!!

Love you guy!

Eric & Katy said...

awe, fun =) I love to hear how she's doing!!
Favorite Aunt Katy