Monday, April 13, 2009


First of all we hope that every one had a wonderful and blessed Easter! Casey and I were fortunate enough to see God working in some amazing ways! Our church met at The Civic Coliseum and we had around 6,000 in attendance. To be with that many people praising and worshiping God was truly amazing and wonderful. Can you believe that Elizabeth will be 1 month old this week?! I sure can't. I am very glad that I figured out how to do the slide show, there are ton's of pictures this week and there is now way that I could have posted them all one by one! Elizabeth finally got to have her first bath this week. I expected it to be alot worse than it was, she actually didn't mind that much! The weather got pretty again so Caroline has been able to play outside quite a bit. She is defiantly an out doors kind of girl, and it turns out so is Elizabeth. Elizabeth just loved being so warm. Caroline got to go to her cousin Courtney's birthday party at Uncle Davids house. She fit right in with the "big girls"! She was dancing with them and having a great time. She was friends with anyone and everyone who had a few bites to share off of their plate. Easter was wonderful! The girls spent the night with Nannie Annie and Papaw Steve. After church we went and picked them up to go to Nana Barbara's and Papaw John's. Caroline got to spend the afternoon playing with bubbles, and hunting eggs with her cousins. We couldn't believe what a great job she did finding eggs, she didn't need us one bit! She is such a big girl now *sigh*. Elizabeth will have her 1 month check up this week, I am dying to see how much she has grown! I'll have an update for everyone next week! Love you all.

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