Saturday, March 22, 2008


WE LOVE SPRING! Now that the weather is finally warm and pretty we can play outside, and Caroline loves being outside. We were able to take her to the park for the first time. She wasn't too crazy about the slide but she LOVED the swings! Her giggle and squeals were priceless. We started swimming lessons this week and she is a natural! She absolutely loved being in the water, I didn't have a camera person this week, but hopefully this week Nanny Annie will be going with us to hold the camera and you can all see my little fishy next week. So I'm working on the video uploads now, hopefully this works, if not I'll keep on trying. Tonight I'll just be putting up pictures and videos from the park, but keep on checking back this week, I will put up Easter pictures and swimming pictures as they come. We hope that everyone has a great Easter!


Casey, Sherri, and Caroline

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