Saturday, March 15, 2008

Look mom... no hands!!!
I want to go that way!
She wanted the camera!

I don't think that she was happy about wearing the hat, what do you think?
She LOVES her new car, she wouldn't get out of it on Friday without a fight!
Finally enough hair for a hair bow!
Pizza Crust any one?

Hello everyone! So we now have 2 teeth! Caroline is an expert at sitting all on her own. We had a BEAUTIFUL week, so we were able to take 2 afternoons and go outside for walks! She had so much fun. Everytime we passed a yard with dogs she would start squilling and throwing her arms all around! I think that we are finally getting used to the time change, we did have a very rough week when it came to nap time and bed time! As much as I wanted to be and looked foward to being a mommy, I don't think that I ever really understood how much fun I would have, and that's only the beggining. I am so humbled when I think that God is actually trusting me to raise this beautiful girl. Every day is a new adventure, her smile and laugh are truly enfectious. I sit at work all day long counting down the seconds till I get to see that innocent face again. I really never knew that I could love this much. I have a whole new appreciation and level of respect for my parents. They are who made me the mom that I am. A little ramlily I know, but hey, this is what blogs are for... right? It's very late now, and I am guarented an early morning of smiles and giggles so I think that I should go to bed now. I hope that every one enjoys the pictures this week, I can't wait to tell you what is new next week! I love you all! Have a wonderfully blessed week!

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