Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fresh Start

So I have not done a very good job of keeping up our blog, especially since Elizabeth has been born. I realized to day that not only is this a great way to keep our family up to date on the goings on of our family, it serves as a great journal for me to look back at! So I am setting a new goal, hopefully a realistic one, to blog atleast once every 2 weeks. Lets start with Caroline. My beautiful little girl is growing up so fast. It is so fun to watch her become a little kid... sad too! She has the best imagination and a wonderful heart! She loves her sister so much. She loves to make Elizabet smile, she acts so proud of herself when her sister laughs at her. Caroline's favorite thing in the world to do is jump! This girl jumps 90% of the time! :) I love that she loves music, she will cry such big tears if I close the piano up, and she can turn anything into a drum kit (and the girl has rythem! I think she inhereted some of her pawpaw's tallent).
Elizabeth is growing faster that I can keep up with. I sware I just had her yesterday, yet here we are at 7 months already! She started crawing just before she turned 6 months, all she wants to do is keep up with Caroline! Now that she has the crawing down she realizes that yes it's nice but shes still not quite fast enough! I have no doubt that she will be crawing by Christmas! AHHH! She is such a sweet baby, with a beautiful smile and even better laugh! Her laugh reminds me of my Pawpaw's laugh. These girls make me miss Granny and Pawpaw so much. They would love these girls so much!
Casey and I are doing great. I have become a stay at home mommy. It has required sacrifice but we feel that this is what God wants for our family. God is good and we KNOW that he will take care of us, and he has. He promises us that he cares for us even more that the birds of the sky and the grass of the field, we know that God had AMAZING things instore for our family, so as for tomorrow... we're going to let HIM take care of it, and we will enjoy it when it gets here. We are blessed to have family's that have trained us up the way we should go, and now it's our turn to pass it on. We love you all so much!

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