Thursday, June 19, 2008

The zoo!!!

So Caroline's first trip to the zoo was today. To say that she had fun might be one of the biggest understatement that I've heard in long time! I've put the pictures and a couple of videos on here so enjoy them. Caroline and I are going to see her PawPaw and Nana next week. We will be spending alot of time on the lake so stay tuned for more pictures! I hope that everyone has a great week!
Love you all!
Casey, Sherri, and Caroline
" I'm ready for the zoo!!! "

" Let's get this party started! "

" This pretty, but weird looking bird just stood right in front of us! "

She was ready for the bird to move so that we could continue on.

We got to feed him, but the food wasn't enough... He decided (after I put the camera away) to nibble on her toes too! In his defense though... if you 'll look closly you'll see that she had those little toes proped up right there for him!

This is her new zebra friend. She spit at him and he spit back! They carried on a very long conversation that you can see some of in the video!

Caroline and this meerkat (don't know how to spell her name) had a staring contest... the meerkat won!

She was pooped! She slept through most of the monkey area.

She had just seen a crocodile here. She was trying everything in her power to get out of the stroller and get him! EWWWWW my daughter likes reptiles!

Okay I have to say this might have been the highlight of my day. She went on her first carousel ride and she had a blast!!!!

This was her first petting zoo experience. They didn't have many choices though. They only had the goats and a lamma ( Her Aunt Patty would have loved that part!)

In the kids cove they had this frog pond. She made some of her biggest splashes yet!

Ready to head home after a long day.... Still with a smile!

Okay this wasn't at the zoo... but look! My big girl doesn't need my help with her juice any more!

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